About Hospital

Monowara Sikder Medical College Hospital is situated within the same campus of the medical college with most modern and latest equipment and facilities. Its aim is to provide medical services among the poor and underprivileged people of Shariatpur District with a cost effective treatment and different pathological investigations. It is a 250 bed hospital and it has been planned to serve all sections of people by providing essential as well as specialized Medicare.

Because of its unique location, activities and already initiated developments at the behest of the hospital, Bhedergonj-Shariatpur was naturally considered for the establishment of a medical college in private sector. The hospital is abundantly equipped with modern instruments and facilities to provide ideal infrastructure for the medical college to impart education and research facilities on theoretical as well as practical aspect of medical science.

Well experienced professors, surgeons and consultants have been working in all clinical departments   to ensure best services to the Hospital and College.


  • 24-Hours Emergency Service

  • 24-Hours Ambulance Service

  • 24-Hours Pharmacy Service

  • Outdoor Services attended by professors and consultants: 9 am to 5pm

  • Professors & senior consultants are available round the clock for Indoor Patient Department and emergency.

  • Diagnostic services are available round the clock

  • Indoor medicine as well as outdoor medicine services round the clock

  • 24 hour Blood Transfusion Service


  • Department of Medicine

  • Department of Surgery

  • Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics

  • Department of Paediatrics

  • Department of Cardiology

  • Department of Skin & STD

  • Department of Orthopaedics

  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology (E.N.T.)

  • Department of Physiotherapy

  • Department of Anaesthesiology

  • Department of Pathology

  • Department of Radiology & Imaging

  • Department of Dental & Maxillo-Facial Surgery

  • Department of Emergency

Bed Arrangement of Monowara Sikder Medical College Hospital